Tamworth Accommodation Bookings

There are three ways to secure your Tamworth accommodation booking at Tamworth Central Motel:

1. BOOK DIRECT & SAVE – by phone or in person.

The first is the old fashioned way of simply dropping in to reception or giving us a call. Our friendly staff will help you choose a room to suit your needs and budget and complete the booking for you in real time.

Call now to secure your Tamworth accommodation booking at Tamworth Central Motel.

Tel: 02 6762 2277

Email: reception@tamworthcentral.com.au

2. BOOK DIRECT & SAVE – by using our own online booking form.

If reception is currently closed, we invite you to use the room availability checking form. Quick and easy to complete we will receive your message first thing in the morning and contact you with an offer for accommodation.

Check Availability HERE

3. Book through our Channel Manager.

We offer the Staah Channel Manager for the convenience of our valued guests. This easy to use and secure booking method allows you to see which rooms are available and make your payment securely, any time day or night. You’ll also receive immediate notification of your booking along with a receipt for your preferred payment method.

Click HERE to be taken to our Staah booking page.